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Your home environment is vital to support your happiness, health and wellbeing.

Have you fallen out of love with your home?

❎   Disturbed sleep has a knock-on effect for the rest of your day. Especially if you’re also suffering from low mood or malingering health issues. 

❎   Working from home but struggling to be productive. Whether it’s distraction or discomfort, if something’s adversely impacting your ability to do your job properly, then it’ll soon become an issue.

❎   Frustrated at the lack of flow through your spaces and unsure how to maximise them. You might even be embarrassed by your home – surrounded by clutter and/or endless awkward storage.

❎   Overwhelmed with too much (or lack of) inspiration, or struggling to decide which colour is “right” for you or your space.

❎   Something just doesn’t feel right with the energy in your space. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but it’s there, preventing you from feeling “at home”.

❎   Reoccurring unwanted behaviours at home can lead to family rows and strained relationships. No-one should dread walking through the door each day.

❎   Fed up wasting time and money trying to fix the issues yourself and worried that, ultimately, you’ll have to move house to get what you want.  

    If any of this seems familiar, then chances are you could do with my help. Email me NOW for a happier and healthier home.

Chair with plant
We spend 90% of our lives indoors, yet air quality inside our homes is 350%* more polluted than outside.

*On average, but up to 5600% – 2019 Clean Air Day study

Do you dream of a calm, zen-like home?

Just imagine…

✅   A happy, healthy non-toxic home with free-flowing, decluttered spaces, promoting wellbeing, where you thrive and achieve your potential.

✅   Beautiful, feel-good spaces; designed with sustainability in mind. A place to sleep, relax and enjoy being a family together.

✅    Feeling truly at home. Bespoke psychology-based interiors reflecting your unique personality, values and style, which the whole family can feel proud of.

✅   Adding value to your property whilst saving long term and inspiring confidence for future decisions.

    Are you a homeowner looking to redesign, redevelop or build a new home?

    If being more sustainable (and improving your family’s health and wellbeing whilst you’re at it) is right up your street; you’re in the right place.

Holistic Design blends science, sustainability, biophilia, psychology & intuition, creating beautiful, feel-good spaces.

Improve your wellbeing without compromising on style or impacting the planet.

So how can I help?

All About You

    Holistic interior design blends science, sustainability, biophilic design, psychology and intuition to ensure the focus is on you and your family‘s personalities, values and your “why”.

    It’s not about my style, trends, or creating a show home, but about digging deeper into what makes you tick. This creates meaningful, purposeful spaces. Somewhere you feel truly at home. 


    Sustainable interiors improve homeowners’ health and wellbeingA multi-sensory approach ensures that your comfort is as important as how your home looks.

    If you love vintage, antique or upcycled pieces, we’ll be a great fit! And any new pieces (whether off-the-shelf or bespoke) will be sourced as ethically, naturally and sustainably as possible. 

    Spaces as elegant, beautiful and unique as they are healthy and ethical, giving you the all-round feel-good factor.

You're in Safe Hands

    A qualified Holistic Interior and Product Designer, my 15+ years’ experience spans interior design and home renovation, through to products, furniture, flooring, lighting, textiles and accessories.

    With a wide range of local expert craftspeople at my fingertips, I can also design and create unique pieces and future family heirlooms for you to cherish.

Amy Walden Holistic Design Expert & Founder
Holistic Interiors Expert, co-Author of The Healing Power of Nature - Your Environment & Foods and author of upcoming book, Feel Good Spaces, Amy Walden

Unique, beautiful, healthy, sustainable homes.

What people are saying about me...

"She’s taken real care to get to know me...and translate that into what I need"

    “Amy’s really approachable and enthusiastic. It’s a big project so I wanted someone knowledgeable with creative vision and a great eye for detail that I could trust with it. She’s taken real care to get to know me, listen to what I want and translate that into what I need.

    I asked her to show me the dream and she hasn’t disappointed – she’s had some really innovative ideas, suggesting design elements I’d never even thought about. She talks me through each step of the design process, explaining the reasoning behind her concepts.

    She’s also encouraged me to use eco-friendly and sustainable materials. I didn’t realise that natural paint was available in so many colours! 

    As well as designing some bespoke furniture, Amy is sourcing a mixture of contemporary, modern vintage and upcycled furniture, original artworks, and locally crafted pieces.

    She’s also taking care of all the sourcing and procurement and liaising with the rest of the project team, saving me the hassle.”

Mr B, BS9
6 Bedroom House with Garden Flat Redevelopment Project

Back Elevation, Garden Room BS9
Natural materials and soft tones create a warm, homely, relaxed space

"It looked like the best version of our home!"

    “Amy made some great suggestions to change the layout in several rooms to improve the flow. She then styled it, mainly using our own possessions, although did source some additional pieces which we still use and enjoy.

    Her arrangement and styling of the different spaces greatly improved our enjoyment of our space. It looked like the best version of our home!

    We were delighted with the results that Amy’s enthusiasm, skill, imagination and flair made to our home. She was very professional, reliable and inspired confidence throughout. We would highly recommend her.”

Mr & Mrs W, TA1
5 Bedroom House Redesign Project

Well lit room with chair, cup and wall artwork
Biophilic design elements combine with vintage and bespoke pieces to create a unique style

"A real and positive impact on my quality of life"

    “It has been a pleasure to see how my home has been improved with the skills and in-depth knowledge that Amy has bought to my project.

    Not just in the flow and logical ease of use but the sense of wellness and happiness in a space that I never knew was possible.

    A real and positive impact on my quality of life that delivers every day. I would not hesitate to recommend Amy to anyone.” 

Mr B, BS4
3 Bedroom House Redevelopment Project

Upcycled artwork using vintage and found objects create highly personal touches.

    Nothing will change if you don’t take action. It’s easy to put things off, wait until the right time, try a different colour or buy yet more storage.  BUT, the sooner you start, the quicker you’ll swap family frustration for home transformation and get the results you deserve.

Working with Me

    There’s no one-size-fits-all generic “solution”. Each home is as complex and unique as the individuals they serve.

    Therefore, before we find out if we’re a good fit, we all need to uncover the challenges you’re facing. 

    We’ll dig deeper, past the superficial, to uncover how you use your home and what’s REALLY important to you.

    Email me now to get started…

Amy in kitchen
Empathetic and purposeful, Holistic Interior Design focuses on you and your wellbeing

5-Step Home Design Process


    In the first instance, please email me using the form below to let me know what sort of help you might need and whether I can help. 

*Please note that I mainly (although not exclusively) work within an hour of Brixham.


    Once I’ve established if I can help you, and you’re ready, we’ll book your initial Zoom Consultation.

    We can get to know each other and talk through the problems you’re facing.


   We will then book you in for your custom 2-hour on-site Healthy Home Design Audit.

    This will allow me to assess the space and see the issues in context to realise the extent and scope of your home’s full potential.


    Your bespoke Audit Report & specifically tailored Blueprint will comprise valuable insights into your current home environment.

    I’ll also provide a list of things you should implement for maximum benefit to you and your family.


    You’ll receive your Audit Report & Blueprint within 2 weeks, with enough information to be able to make the changes yourself.

    Or, if you prefer to benefit further from my guidance and expertise, we can work collaboratively to achieve your dream happy, healthy home.

Paint cards
Choosing eco and sustainable options can improve the air quality in your home.

      If, after a short chat over email, we believe we could work together to solve your problems, the Consultation fee is £1500*, with a deposit of £250* for a 1-hour Zoom Initial Consultation. 

    The balance of £1250* is then payable if we proceed to the on-site 2-hour Home Audit. 

    *This all comes with my money-back guarantee that if I cannot help you, or we go on to work together, this amount will be refunded/deducted as appropriate.

    *In line with my mission to improve Home Health and Wellbeing, 5% of each Consultation fee will be donated to Cancer Research UK via Work for Good.

Let's Get Started

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