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Revolutionising Workspaces: The Success of Wellbeing

Space for Your Business to Thrive.

Healthy, Happy Workspaces Promote Productivity

By designing workspaces for comfort and wellbeing you create a positive, productive, collaborative environment that promotes staff health & happiness, helps reduce sickness, boosts performance, engagement and retention & enables you to attract the best talent.

How is this different?

     Focusing on how spaces LOOK rather than how you FEEL in them could jeopardise your success.

    Brand colours alone won’t win over your employees, so you’ll need to dig deeper to get to the heart of your current challenges.

  You’ll need to consider the effects that ergonomics, accessibility, acoustics, heating, natural ventilation or lighting have on the comfort and wellbeing of the people working there.  

Holistic Interior Design

    As working life and roles become more varied, flexible workspaces are needed.  Individual workstations can be complemented with quiet zones for focused tasks, high-energy spaces to encourage collaboration and social areas for relaxing and relationship-building.

  A holistic approach results in comfortable, multi-sensory, positive, flexible spaces promoting well-being, productivity and collaboration. 

    If this type of design treatment is just what the doctor ordered, then chances are you could do with my help. Email me NOW for a happier, healthier workspace.

Chair with plant
We spend 90% of our lives indoors, yet internal air quality is 350%* more polluted than outside.

*On average, but up to 5600% – 2019 Clean Air Day study

Your working environment is vital to support your happiness, health and wellbeing.

What's in it for me?

     We spend roughly a third of our working day at work, so how we feel there deeply impacts our health, happiness and wellbeing. Ultimately, your staff needs spaces to work comfortably, reducing sickness and encouraging an office-based culture. 

    Comfort and wellbeing are intrinsically linked with sustainability. Working with natural elements can reduce heating, lighting and ventilation costs while choosing sustainable products, systems and natural materials can improve air quality, positively impacting your health and budget.

    Often you can’t put your finger on what about a space that’s so off-putting. It’s like choosing a restaurant. You interpret the lighting, music (or lack of), colour scheme, furniture style, layout, aroma and other clientele before looking at a menu. That’s for something short-term – a few hours tops, rather than somewhere you’ll spend 8 hours a day – it’s a big commitment.

Future Proofing

    Are you a business owner or HR Director looking to redesign, redevelop or build a new workspace? Do you see a future where your company grows and develops as the market leader in your industry, attracting the best talent? A company with a great record of staff wellbeing and retention, where they are back in the office, happy and productive.

    I imagine you’d feel proud of the office space and culture you’ve created and how it reflects on you. If being more successful (while improving your staff’s health and wellbeing) is the magic cure you’re looking for; you’re in the right place.

Amy at her desk
How we feel at work deeply impacts wellbeing and productivity.

Improve your staff wellbeing without compromising your brand.

Why should I believe?

    Appreciating the nuances and tactical strategy of a multi-layered holistic approach to space design is an in-depth skill set.

    Feng Shui is intrinsically linked with success in both home and business environments. The psychological effects of colour on mood, productivity and well-being are combined with auspicious furniture placement and layouts.

    But choosing an Interior Designer who blends the well-respected ancient art of Feng Shui with holistic and biophilic design principles, means you’re getting the best of both worlds.

    The result is a perfectly tailored, purposeful design solution. A beautiful, functioning space built for success, supporting your team physically, mentally and emotionally for the foreseeable future.

Holistic design blends science, sustainability, feng shui, biophilia & psychology, creating feel-good, productive spaces.

You’re busy, I get it. There’s always something more urgent.

What's holding you back?

    You’re fed up with feeling like the baddie in a never-ending battle to get staff back into the office. If you’re lucky, you’ve got people in for 2-3 days a week, but they’re there reluctantly.

     You’ve tried solving the problem, but by focusing all your efforts on a big Christmas party, you’ll ignore the bigger issues. The new coffee machine didn’t improve things and staff satisfaction surveys haven’t revealed any clear ideas for improvement.

Unhappy Workforce = Low Productivity

    It’s not a surprise if the energy’s fallen flat if the new desks you bought before lockdown lie empty and if the office is a ghost town. If colleagues communicate silently via email and teamwork is limited to a weekly Zoom call, new ideas probably seem like a thing of the past.

woman at desk with multiple screens
Getting staff back into offices feels like pulling teeth

The real problem is your staff aren’t happy and it’s affecting productivity.

It's not your fault!

    If you’re struggling to motivate staff, no gimmicks or ice cream Fridays will encourage staff back to work in a half-empty soulless office.

   Places that are too bright or dark, too hot or cold, too stuffy, too cramped. Uncomfortable seating and workstations. Under-used spaces that are kept for best (the boardroom for example…?)

   Spaces where you struggle to concentrate, hear yourself think or have conversations (for fear of being overheard or interrupting others) or where staff feel physically, mentally or emotionally drained.

You need an expert

  It’s overwhelming to know where to start. How do you know what changes are needed to move the needle and solve your real problems?

  Not to mention getting into the trickier details of complex design concepts. That’s a lot to think about, even if you know what you’re doing. Even when you know what you want (and where to find it!), sourcing can be a full-time job. It’s not your forte and that’s ok, but it’s draining your time and energy.

office space
Your office space could be responsible for the challenges you're facing.

Maybe it's time to prioritise it once and for all.

So what's to blame?

Outdated Infrastructure

    People’s roles have now changed as have how we work. When purpose-built office spaces were created, the focus was on fitting in as many people as possible. It certainly wasn’t aimed at as inclusive a workforce as one now expects.

   Workspaces were designed with little understanding of the long-term effects poor lighting, ventilation or environments can have on staff.

Animal Instinct

   It’s very much akin to the old-school zoo cages. Today animal wellbeing is paramount with enclosures designed to emulate animals’ natural habitats.

   Enrichment activities and continual improvements ensure the animals are kept as happy and stress-free as possible. Breeding programmes maintain species’ survival and relationships are carefully monitored to ensure success.

   Now that we understand how animals are affected by their environments, it’s our responsibility to ensure their wellbeing. So why don’t we apply the same logic and attention to our workforces?

The New Way to Work

    When recruiting, you consider both skillsets and personalities to gauge team fit. But once in situ, do you ensure a positive, nurturing environment?

   The last thing you want is to create silos, where people work in isolation, following strict job roles and responsibilities. Even brain surgeons need a great team!

   Office environments need to encourage relationships, conversation and collaboration. Creating workspaces where people feel safe, secure and protected on a sub-conscious, primal, animal instinct level allows them to relax and focus on the task.

A New Way to Design

    Multi-functional layouts allow for different types of work activities and encourage ease of movement through the spaces.

   Biophilic design cues and natural materials allow our para-sympathetic nerves to relax, helping us feel nurtured and nourished, improving wellbeing.

  Harnessing natural light, heat and ventilation creates a calming environment, improving internal air quality and reducing costs.

  Good acoustics can provide privacy and enable the ability to concentrate or relax as required.

London Zoo Penguin Pool
When London Zoo’s famous architect-designed penguin pool was completed in 1934, it was deemed a design classic.

Poor lighting, acoustics & air quality all affect productivity.

Why now?

  The problem will not go away on its own and will only get worse. Much better to tackle it sooner rather than later.    

    After lockdown, there’s been a downward trend in office-based working. The great resignation created opportunities for many office-based workers to improve their work-life balance. And, in turn, their health, happiness and wellbeing.

  Companies must champion staff wellbeing by providing supportive workspaces where communication, collaboration, teamwork and personal development are positively encouraged and nurtured. These companies will grow and develop in the future: the others will not survive.

Employee Choice

    Millennials are deeply focused on wellbeing and healthy environments, so this new tide of graduates is hugely discerning about where they decide to work. They are the future of your company.

  With a rise in vacancies in many industries, the balance of power has shifted so employers must step up their game and show candidates what’s in it for them

Women working in office
Employees named collaboration (33%) and building camaraderie (23%) as benefits of working in a physical office space. (Future Forum, 2023).

There’s no time like now to show that you're an employer of choice.

Why should you trust me?

Industry Experience

  Unusually for a designer, I’m experienced in marketing and brand management, across diverse industries from both agency and client-side perspectives. I’ve experienced good, bad and ugly working environments, from SMEs to big corporates across manufacturing, education, tech, utilities, supermarkets, snazzy London agencies and social housing.

    I’ve experienced firsthand the negative effects poor lighting, acoustics, heating, ventilation, workstation positioning, layout design and uncomfortable furniture can have on my productivity and wellbeing. From backache from less-than-salubrious workstations to headaches and migraines from poor or harsh lighting and glare. Constant office battles over opening windows or air conditioning systems to awkward filing systems and stuffy rooms no one wants to use.

    Empty or often underused spaces. Echo chambers where you can’t hear yourself think. Colleagues whose phone conversation is a constant distraction. Printers or other equipment that churn out nasty smells and unwanted noise. A lack of somewhere nice to sit for lunch or when you need a 5-minute break…it all adds up.

Office space
Our subconscious is responsible for 90% of our decision-making.

Employers no longer have all the power: it needs to be mutually beneficial.

I've been there

  My last corporate role was as Internal Brand and Communications Manager for a social housing company at the time of their rebrand. With 100 office and 300 field-based colleagues, there was much to consider: the “us and them” factor was intense and palpable.

    They needed multi-use flexible spaces for colleagues and customers to encourage communication, collaboration and engagement and to understand their value to the company.

Deep Impact

    Deep-rooted transformation was required to rebuild the company from the ground up. We initially needed to understand how the brand was perceived internally before considering an external perspective.

    A new logo and superficial paint job wouldn’t do. Papering over deep cracks never lasts the distance. Branding is more than that: you need a shared purpose. It needs to be bottom-up and top-down, inherent in every aspect of the business.

4 Hands Clasped Together
Branding needs to be more than just a logo. You need a shared purpose.

Your office could be responsible for the challenges you're facing.

Purposeful Design

What makes a good workspace?

    As every good designer knows, form follows function. Early zoos failed because they wrongly prioritised the viewing public over the animals. Miserable animals get trapped in destructive patterns and only exhibit natural behaviours when they feel safe and happy.

    As a trained Industrial Designer, I already understood about ergonomics and anthropometrics. For example, what makes a chair comfy and how space around objects can make them easier to use. How and why to specify materials and how they are processed. The perils of built-in obsolescence and why choosing products and materials with longevity is key.

How does wellbeing relate to sustainability?

    Sustainable & Holistic Interior Design and Feng Shui offer a deep dive strategy that profoundly informs my designs to benefit my clients.

   Understanding the connection between sustainability, comfort and wellbeing, for example. My expertise and first-hand experiences have qualified me to design functional, energetic, comfortable spaces that breed success.

Joyful Spaces = Happy Staff

   By supporting your staff’s comfort needs and wellbeing, you’re fostering the inclusive team spirit, the very essence at the heart of every good brand.    

   Encouraging open communication and collaboration sparks connectivity and ideas generation. Developments that lead to new products, systems and technologies and improved productivity. You’re also effectively managing staff retention and recruitment. 

  It’s also worth mentioning that I create joyful spaces because that’s important too. And often severely underestimated. All work makes Jack a dull boy and I think you’ve realised by now that no one wants that.

Amy Walden Holistic Design Expert & Founder
Successful Spaces Specialist, co-Author of The Healing Power of Nature - Your Environment & Foods and author of upcoming book, Successful Spaces Design, Amy Walden

Reimagined workspaces that promote wellbeing & productivity.

How does it work?

   Imagine being able to confidently redesign your company’s workspace to create beautiful, free-flowing, healthy workspaces that positively reinforce your brand. Spaces that help you positively impact staff happiness and relationships, team collaboration and productivity, retention and recruitment.

    My Design Treatment for Successful Spaces ™ reimagines and reinvigorates workspaces, focusing on comfort and wellbeing to support staff health and happiness.

Amy's computer screen showing a design scheme
Artwork and visuals created in-house on Sketch-Up, industry standard software.

Design Treatment for Successful Spaces™

T: The Workspace Wellbeing Audit™

    EMF disturbances, geopathic stress and Sick Building Syndrome are assessed with improvements suggested to help reduce toxins, alleviate symptoms and improve indoor air quality.

R: Responsible Resources™

    Sustainable product, materials & suppliers.

E: Energetic Alignment™

    Channelling positive and natural energy creates free-flowing joyful spaces that benefit from natural daylight and resources. Feng shui cures keep your office energised yet calm.

A: Ambience Anatomy™

    Multi-sensory, inclusive design tailors to different people, tasks and social needs. All aspects of comfort, including thermal, olfactory, lighting, visual, tactile and auditory senses, combine, creating a relaxing workspace.

T: Tonal Topography™

    Colour psychology promotes desired behaviours, maximising productivity and well-being.

M: Mecca Manifesto™

    Creating a cohesive look and colour palette reflecting your brand’s design style and values. Design schemes for different aspects of your workspace will complement the architectural style of your building.

E: Ergonomic Ecosphere™

    Ergonomics, environmental psychology and feng shui combine to create inclusive spaces that flow and adapt to your work requirements. Room layouts are optimised for different tasks and users, maximising space, productivity and well-being.

N: Naturally Nurturing™

    Biophilic design elements connect people to nature to benefit mental and physical health.

T: Tailored Touches™

    Finally, the finishing flourishes reflecting your brand personality, bringing the heart and soul of your company to life.

Logo Design
Thrive by Design Ltd's Trademark Design Treatment for Successful Spaces

It's time to prioritise your workspace once and for all.

What people are saying about me...

"She’s taken real care to get to know me...and translate that into what I need"

    “Amy’s really approachable and enthusiastic. It’s a big project so I wanted someone knowledgeable with creative vision and a great eye for detail that I could trust with it. She’s taken real care to get to know me, listen to what I want and translate that into what I need.

    I asked her to show me the dream and she hasn’t disappointed – she’s had some really innovative ideas, suggesting design elements I’d never even thought about. She talks me through each step of the design process, explaining the reasoning behind her concepts.

    She’s also encouraged me to use eco-friendly and sustainable materials. I didn’t realise that natural paint was available in so many colours! 

    As well as designing some bespoke furniture, Amy is sourcing a mixture of contemporary, modern vintage and upcycled furniture, original artworks, and locally crafted pieces.

    She’s also taking care of all the sourcing and procurement and liaising with the rest of the project team, saving me the hassle.”

Mr B, BS9
6 Bedroom House with Garden Flat Redevelopment Project

Back Elevation, Garden Room BS9
Natural materials and soft tones create a warm, homely, relaxed space

"Her arrangement and styling of the different spaces greatly improved our enjoyment of our space."

    “Amy made some great suggestions to change the layout in several rooms to improve the flow. She then styled it, mainly using our own possessions, although did source some additional pieces which we still use and enjoy.

    Her arrangement and styling of the different spaces greatly improved our enjoyment of our space. It looked like the best version of our home!

    We were delighted with the results that Amy’s enthusiasm, skill, imagination and flair made to our home. She was very professional, reliable and inspired confidence throughout. We would highly recommend her.”

Mr & Mrs W, TA1
5 Bedroom House Redesign Project

Well lit room with chair, cup and wall artwork
Biophilic design elements combine with vintage and bespoke pieces to create a unique style

"A real and positive impact on my quality of life"

    “It has been a pleasure to see how my home has been improved with the skills and in-depth knowledge that Amy has bought to my project.

    Not just in the flow and logical ease of use but the sense of wellness and happiness in a space that I never knew was possible.

    A real and positive impact on my quality of life that delivers every day. I would not hesitate to recommend Amy to anyone.” 

Mr B, BS4
3 Bedroom House Redevelopment Project

Upcycled artwork using vintage and found objects create highly personal touches.

Nothing will change if you don’t take action. BUT, the sooner you start, the quicker your Stressful Workplace will become a Successful Space.

Working with Me

    There’s no one-size-fits-all generic “solution”. Each workplace is as complex and unique as the companies and teams they serve. Therefore, before we find out if we’re a good fit, we need to uncover the challenges you’re facing. We’ll dig deeper, past the superficial, to uncover how you use your workspace and what’s REALLY important to you and your team.

    Working with a client is an all-encompassing in-depth process. It’s important for me to fully understand your business and how you currently work before exploring what improvements might be of interest and benefit in solving your complex needs. By immersing myself in your company culture and its nuances, I ensure you get what you need, from both the outcome and the process.

    Click the big pink button below now to email me and set a date for a cuppa.

Amy in pink dress with pink cup
Designer & Founder of Thrive by Design Ltd, Amy Walden

5-Step Workspace Design Process


   In the first instance, please email me using the form below to let me know what sort of help you might need, to see whether I can help. 

*Please note that I mainly (although not exclusively) work within an hour of Brixham.


    Once I’ve established if I can help you, and you’re ready, we’ll book your initial Zoom Consultation.

    We’ll address the problems you’re facing to better understand your business. 


   You can then book in for your custom 2-hour on-site Workspace Wellbeing Design Audit.

    I can assess your space and issues in context to realise the extent and scope of your workplace’s full potential.


    Your bespoke Design Treatment for Successful Spaces Blueprint will comprise valuable insights into your workplace environment.

    I’ll also provide a list of things you should implement for maximum benefit to you and your team.


    You’ll receive your Blueprint with enough information to make changes yourself.

    Or, if you prefer to benefit further from my guidance and expertise, we can work collaboratively to achieve your Successful Workspace.

Let's Get Started

What do I have to lose?

Option 1: Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

    If you’re happy with your workplace the way it is and not dissatisfied with sickness and staff retention levels, low morale and productivity. Or the lack of candidates queueing up to work for you. Or the board constantly wondering why the staff happiness and well-being survey isn’t more favourable.

   Then maybe you don’t need my help.

   But if you’d like to create a workspace that supports your staff’s comfort and well-being, helping you and them thrive in a space that propels your brand forward, that leaves you with two other options…

Option 2: Do it yourself

   You can spend hours with your brand expert picking a colour scheme that best works with your logo. Or spend hours online sourcing furniture to fit your new space.

   Hopefully, you’ll choose well and pick products that reduce VOCs and improve air quality. You’ll also achieve a balanced scheme that looks amazing and nurtures your staff.

   If you’re willing to work hard and spend hours on the phone and online, picking and managing the right products and suppliers, you might be able to pull it off.


Option 3: Let me do the heavy lifting for you

  Applying my trademark Design Treatment for Successful Spaces™, I’ll ask the right questions to get to the root of your problem to create a bespoke design solution for your successful workspace.

   You can relax knowing all your needs are being taken care of.

Of these 3 options, ask yourself…

   What’s going to be easier for you?

   You see there are two types of people in this world…

   Those who only dream about achieving their goals without ever taking action to make it happen…

   And those who are ready to take action when the opportunity presents itself.

  Since you’re still reading this far, I think you’re one of the few special ones…

  One of the 2 companies I’m looking for in the Torbay, South Hams or South Devon area.

    If I’m right and you’re still with me…

   Click the big pink button below now to get in touch and start your Design Treatment plan.

    Only you can decide.

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It's time to prioritise your workspace

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