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Case Studies

    It’s not enough for your space to function and flow well if it doesn’t also make your heart sing. 

    Holistic design blends environmental and colour psychology with sustainable and biophilic design elements. 

    Desired behaviours are promoted in each space, whilst improving the health and well-being of its inhabitants.

    All with natural and sustainable materials, vintage and upcycled furniture and bespoke designer-made hand-crafted pieces at their heart.

The Garden Room, Bristol BS9

Project: Self-contained Flat Redevelopment (part of a 6 Bedroom House New Build)

Back Elevation, Garden Room BS9
Natural materials and soft tones create a warm, homely, relaxed space


Full case study coming soon…

What my client said: 

  Amy’s really approachable and enthusiastic. She’s taken real care to get to know me, listen to what I want and translate that into what I need.

    I asked her to show me the dream and she hasn’t disappointed – she’s had some really innovative ideas, suggesting design elements I’d never even thought about. She talked me through each step of the design process, explaining the reasoning behind her concepts.

    As well as designing some bespoke furniture, Amy is also sourcing me a mixture of contemporary, modern vintage and upcycled furniture, plus original artworks and locally crafted pieces, encouraging me to use eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

    She’s also taking care of all the sourcing and procurement and liaising with the rest of the project team, saving me the hassle.

Mr B, BS9

The White House, Bristol BS4

Project: Extension & Full Redevelopment - 3 Bedroom House

Well lit room with chair, cup and wall artwork
Biophilic design elements combine with vintage and bespoke pieces to create a unique style

What my client said: 

    It has been a pleasure to see how my home has been improved with the skills and in-depth knowledge that Amy has bought to my project.

    Not just in the flow and logical ease of use but the sense of wellness and being happy in a space that I never knew was even possible.

    A real and positive impact on my quality of life that delivers every day. I would not hesitate to recommend Amy to anyone. 

Mr B, BS4

Full case study coming soon…

The Wisteria House, Taunton, TA1

Project: Redesign - 5 Bedroom House

Upcycled artwork using vintage and found objects create highly personal touches.

Full case study coming soon…

What my client said: 

    Amy made some great suggestions to change the layout in several rooms to improve the flow. She then styled it, mainly using our own possessions, although did source some additional pieces which we still use and enjoy.

    Her arrangement and styling of the different spaces greatly improved our enjoyment of our space. It looked like the best version of our home!

    We were delighted with the results that Amy’s enthusiasm, skill, imagination and flair made to our home. She was very professional, reliable and inspired confidence throughout. We would highly recommend her.

Mr & Mrs W, TA1

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