How To Make Your Home More Healthy

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Healthy Home Air Quality      The Hollies had a hit single with this song the year I was born.     It felt appropriate today. But not in a good way. Air Pollution     Horrified by the devastating new story yesterday I felt compelled to bang my drum for healthy homes today.   […]

Why Buying Sustainably Isn’t An Option

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Sustainable buying is KEY!   The Joy of Marketing     We are constantly bombarded with temptation. As we speak, emails are eagerly flowing in the direction of our inboxes each day.     For all the cost-of-living rises, consumerism still seems at its height. The wonderful world wide web and its friend, the email […]

Why Design Trends Are Bad For You

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Why Design Trends Are Bad For Your Health      Gosh, so many issues with them, so where to start…?     Mental health, not feeling at home, the push for constant gratification, and social acceptance.     Financial and environmental implications, stress creation. Imposter syndrome.     But let’s start with the issue of […]

Why Colour Matters in Interiors

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Using Colour in Interiors   Creating Impact     Colour can have a profound impact.     Not only on our psyche and mood but on our behaviour. It also impacts not only our mental but physiological and physical health.     The introduction of biophilic elements such as green paint, greenery, or a room […]

What Is Biophilic Design?

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Biophilia – Natural Interior Design   Firstly what is biophilic design?     Biophilic design is the incorporation of the natural world into our built man-made environment.     Our bodies are natural elements, and we thrive on connections with nature.     To live in a minimalist white cube might be your ideal home […]

How Healthy Homes Improve Wellbeing

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Healthy Homes help create Healthy Minds   Stressed out?     Firstly, just to say that it’s OK not to be OK. Mental health issues from low mood and trouble sleeping to anxiety and depression can affect us all at different levels at one time or another.     Whilst talking with friends, family or […]

How To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

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Improving Your Home’s Air Quality    The home as a haven     We spend, on average, 90% of our lives indoors.     For many of us, during the pandemic this rose dramatically as more of us stayed indoors for longer as our lifestyles changed.     More of us working from home and […]

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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Are you getting a good night’s sleep?   Are you waking refreshed?     In National Bed Month, we’re reminded that a good night’s sleep is important.     Let’s consider how our surroundings and daily routine can affect our sleep and well-being. Sleep Hygiene & Routines     Sleep hygiene is a strange term, […]