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What Is Biophilic Design?

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Biophilia – Natural Interior Design   Firstly what is biophilic design?     Biophilic design is the incorporation of the natural world into our built man-made environment.     Our bodies are natural elements, and we thrive on connections with nature.     To live in a minimalist white cube might be your ideal home […]

Why Living Naturally Is Good For You

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Natural Living: Why Our Ancestors Got It Right   Living in Harmony     Our ancestors chose carefully, building homes in safe locations.     Sustainable homes connect you to nature.     A natural house should use its surroundings to benefit its inhabitants. For example, by orientating the house to maximise the benefits of […]

How Healthy Homes Improve Wellbeing

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Healthy Homes help create Healthy Minds   Stressed out?     Firstly, just to say that it’s OK not to be OK. Mental health issues from low mood and trouble sleeping to anxiety and depression can affect us all at different levels at one time or another.     Whilst talking with friends, family or […]

The Impact of Acoustics in Interior Design

Why acoustics are underrated.   Can’t hear yourself think?     When you enter a space, sound can have an impact on the feel of the place. Often unconsciously.     Imagine when you’re on holiday somewhere new and are trying to decide on a café or bar to spend an evening.     It’s […]

What is Holistic Design?

The benefits of Holistic Interior Design, its focus on sustainability, and how your home can affect your health and wellbeing.

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