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How To Make Your Home More Healthy

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Healthy Home Air Quality      The Hollies had a hit single with this song the year I was born.     It felt appropriate today. But not in a good way. Air Pollution     Horrified by the devastating new story yesterday I felt compelled to bang my drum for healthy homes today.   […]

What is Sick Building Syndrome?


How Could Sick Building Syndrome affect me?   Cause & Effect     Sick Building Syndrome can cause many effects and symptoms which can range from mild to severely debilitating.     From physical symptoms of lethargy to headaches and pains through to mental illness and depression if left untreated. External Factors     The […]

What Is Biophilic Design?

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Biophilia – Natural Interior Design   Firstly what is biophilic design?     Biophilic design is the incorporation of the natural world into our built man-made environment.     Our bodies are natural elements, and we thrive on connections with nature.     To live in a minimalist white cube might be your ideal home […]

How To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

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Improving Your Home’s Air Quality    The home as a haven     We spend, on average, 90% of our lives indoors.     For many of us, during the pandemic this rose dramatically as more of us stayed indoors for longer as our lifestyles changed.     More of us working from home and […]

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