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The Home Design Treatmeant Programme for Intentional Interiors

Are You A Frustrated Homeowner Struggling To Sleep, Work Or Live The Healthy, Happy Family Home Life You Deserve?

Design your Dream Zen Home Blueprint in as little as 60 Days.

All backed by my double your money back plus free houseplant guarantee!

  Imagine being able to confidently redesign your home as a naturally beautiful, free-flowing healthy space that actually brings you all joy, nurtures your family’s wellbeing, and helps save the planet, without needing any previous design training, learning any tricky CAD software or worrying that you’ll waste time and money on expensive mistakes…

So what is The Home Design Treatmeant Programme?

    Using my unique DESIGN TREATMEANT™ method, I’ll guide you through your own healthy home audit, before you apply the different elements involved in designing your own Intentional Interiors™.

     You’ll discover how to audit your home and what to keep, change or remove to create a healthy, safe family space. You’ll also learn everything you need to be able to put together your own personalised holistic design scheme for your dream zen family home, including: 

     Conduct your own Healthy Home Audit for your property.

R: Responsible Resources ™

    Source sustainably, using the 7Rs, examining different options to achieve your desired look.

E: Energetic Elegance ™

     Channel positive and natural energy, keeping your home energised yet calm.

A: Auspicious Alignment ™

  Create free-flowing spaces that benefit from natural daylight and resources, that complement the natural architectural style of your building.

T: Tonal Topography ™

    Discover how to set the tone of your interior landscape, and each room in your home to allow you to maximise your enjoyment of your home.

M: Mecca Manifesto ™

     Curate your family’s design styles into one cohesive design scheme that reflects your values and personalities.

E: Ergonomic Ecosphere ™

   Design and visualise spaces that flow and adapt to your family life. Optimise room layouts and storage potential to maximise space.

A: Ambience Anatomy ™

     Design multi-sensory spaces using the concept of comfort, that can be tailored to different people, tasks and social situations.

N: Naturally Nurturing ™

     Learn Biophilic Design tips and how a connection to nature in our homes can benefit our mental and physical health.

T: Tailored Treasure ™

     Add the finishing flourishes to reflect your personality, bringing the heart and soul of your home to life.

So what are the benefits of The Home Treatmeant Programme?

    By the end of the Programme you’ll be able to:

✅ Diagnose and treat any health issues your home may be suffering from so you can alleviate symptoms and create a safe, healthy, living space where your family will thrive.

✅  Clear the clutter and fill your home with positive energy so you have more space and need less storage.

✅ Achieve the maximum benefit from your home’s inherent design features and natural resources so you can save both money and energy.

✅  Create cohesive colour schemes worthy of an Interior Designer using psychology to set the tone for each space so you can encourage desired behaviours. 

✅   Plan deeply personalised design schemes worthy of an Interior Designer, based on YOUR unique preferences and style aesthetic so you can create YOUR dream home.

✅   Maximise your home so you don’t have to move house to get the space you need.

✅   Create a tailored, multi-sensory, inclusive family space so everyone feels comfortable and at home.

✅   Source more sustainably and achieve the look you want so you can feel good about your choices without getting greenwashed.

✅   Style your home and possessions like an Interior Designer so you can create a bespoke space that feels like YOUR home.

Beta Programme - Limited Places

    The Beta version of The Home Design Treatmeant Programme will be limited to a maximum of 5 participants only. This will be a rare opportunity to get up-close-and-personal access to a Holistic Interiors Expert without paying for 1:1 help.

    As well as working intensely with you with additional hands-on support and guidance to achieve the optimum result for you and your family. I’ll be listening to your feedback to guide the next iteration of the course and asking you for a testimonial at the end.

    As such, you’ll get a special introductory offer while I polish off the rough edges and prepare the final coat of gloss, as it were. The next time the programme runs, the price will definitely increase.

    So, if you’re interested in grabbing a place, then join the waitlist NOW.

My Personal Guarantee

My Double Your Money-Back + Free Houseplant Guarantee

    If that wasn’t enough, The Home Design Treatmeant™ Programme is covered by my Double-your-money-back plus free houseplant Guarantee. No brainer, right?

    The Beta version of The Home Design Treatmeant Programme for Intentional Interiors is only available for a maximum of 5 spaces. So sign up for the waitlist now to get ahead of the crowd. 

Get more details and updates on when we go live. Beat the queues by signing up now.

Join The Home Design Treatmeant Programme

Get more details and updates on when we go live. Beat the queue and sign up now.

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